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Scotty Nguyen

At age thirteen, Scotty Nguyen, a self-taught street dancer booked his first professional dance job with Michael Jackson. He has since performed on a number of stages with artists and companies such as the Spice Girls World Tour, Apple’s iPod Campaign, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and So You think You Can Dance. Since Scotty’s dance days, he has quickly become one of the leading hip-hop choreographers in the world. He is currently working as the director/choreographer for the highly acclaimed Nuclear Cowboyz 2013 tour, where he has also had the opportunity to produce the show’s two-hour soundtrack. Some of his most recent work of 2012 has been featured on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” starring Paula Abdul, where he used groundbreaking technology to marry the art of dance with up-and-coming video projection techniques. Earlier in the year, Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew enlisted Scotty as a supervising choreographer for it’s seventh season on MTV. Furthermore, he has been working closely on the development of Jamie King, Perez Hilton, and Simon Fuller’s new boy band sensation, IM5. In July 2011, Dance Spirit published an article on Scotty’s illustrious career naming him a “Hollywood Hot Shot.” His 2011 credits include choreography for Nickelodeon’s Fresh Beat Band, Bucket & Skinner, Bratz, EZ Bake, Hasbro’s GoGo, Ringling Bros. Circus, and A.R. Rahman’s Jai Ho World Tour, where he was also credited as supervising choreographer and associate director. Scotty wrapped up 2011 with choreography on X-Factor USA.






  • “Lights”


    Choreography by Scotty Nguyen
  • Choreography Reel

    Choreography Reel

    Scotty Nguyen
  • “There Goes My Baby”

    “There Goes My Baby”

    Choreography by Scotty Nguyen