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Mikey Trasoras

Some of Mikey’s choreography credits include the sizzle reel for Hawaiian Style, Sarah Jaffe’s music video “Glorified High”, Ivivva Athletica YouTube video promotions, Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing season 5 kickoff in Hollywood, and for Texas’ premiere collegiate dance team The Apache Belles. Mikey’s students have appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, Abby Lee’s Ultimate Dance Competition, X-Factor, The Grammy’s, Glee, and Dancing with the Stars just to name a few.


Like his freestyle dancing, Mikey’s choreography is intricate and stylistically innovative. His keen musical ear and captivating artistic expression of lyrics elevate Mikey as a hip hop artist. Mikey is passionate about teaching and enjoys touring the country. He teaches all levels and expects his students to learn something new each session and you’ll find that his youthful playfulness makes his classes lighthearted and fun.


  • “Please Don’t Go”

    “Please Don’t Go”

    Choreography by Mikey Trasoras and & Leo Morimune
  • “50/50 Hip Hop Number”

    “50/50 Hip Hop Number”

    Choreography by Mikey Trasoras
  • Mikey Trasoras Interview

    Mikey Trasoras Interview

    BZ Community Class